Monday, July 1, 2013

New Acquisitions

Happy July 1st!! I love summer and July is the best summer month- right dead in the center- unmistakably summer. Unfortunately our weather's been less than pleasant for weeks now and today is no exception. It's humid, rainy, and nasty- so I won't be working on furniture outside. Instead, I've spent the morning cleaning my house, I'm doing two back to back blog posts, and then I'm off to work on some furniture in my basement workshop (not nearly as fun or productive as working outside).
Yesterday the rain held off for most the day and I dragged my extremely hungover self out of bed at the crack of dawn to hit up the flea market.
I also drove up to a far distant Connecticut town after work yesterday to pick up two wickedly cool vintage industrial work benches (kitchen islands here we come!) and do an interior design consult. I don't have pictures of the work benches because they're both still upside down in the back of my truck. I'm letting the rain give them a well needed bath. Here are my spoils from the flea market-

A Queen Anne curly maple side chair purchased for my mom.
 Likely made in Connecticut of Rhode Island, 1760-1785.

The most unbelievably fantastic pair of antique mahogany framed and beveled mirrors. American, 1890-1910.

This is the little one. It's about 24 inches tall.

Big and little one. I'm not sure what I plan to do with these. Maybe paint them and sell them, maybe keep them as they are and hang them on my own wall.

Antique blue green wide mouthed bottle. It's not that old, probably early 20th century, but It's big and I liked the form.

A set of vintage copper (or possibly brass) directionals. Look at the wonderful verdigris on them.

They're big too. 

This isn't antique, but it caught my eye and the price was right. I'll be tucking it away to use in my fall decor.
Just you wait, I have a whole post planned for the fall 2013 decor- look for it later this week.

This is such a sweet antique nightstand. It's solid mahogany and it great condition except its poor little feet. Because of the feet, I'll be painting it and keeping it for myself.

The prize of the day- this FABULOUS antique Lane cedar chest in the form of an 18th century Chippendale lowboy.

drooool. Ball and claw feet, and elaborately carved knees. I've got big big plans for this looker.

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  1. Those mirrors are drop-dead gorgeous! Can't wait to see what you do with them!