Sunday, July 21, 2013

Beautiful Gray Rooms

When I need to make a big decorating decision I like to do some research first to get a good sense of what I'm getting myself in to. For the last few days I've been debating whether or not to swap out my current dining set for one that I completed in June that's done in bleached oak and charcoal gray chalk paint. I've decided that I will indeed be taking the plunge. Change is fun after all, and when you're in my line of work it's prudent not to get too attached to furniture. Here are some of the beautiful gray rooms that sold me on the idea of going with a gray dining set. Also- a quick housekeeping note- I have a huge batch of furniture completed that I'm hoping to photograph tonight. The group includes a farmhouse dining set, a three piece coffee table set, a tv console, and a sideboard. So stay tuned tomorrow to see all the fresh goods! The heat wave has finally broken and it's beautiful outside. 
Happy Sunday!
I love the combination of the crystal chandelier in the foreground
and the vintage style industrial lamps in the kitchen here.

The cabinetry in this kitchen is decidedly modern,
but the antique bleached wood table adds a softness that completes the room.

This antique cupboard is the perfect shade of gray, delicate but saturated.

The woodwork pediment over the doorway in this kitchen is simply outstanding. 

The balance the showstopper fireplace here the homeowner choose a graphic wallpaper. The muted tones of the walls and fireplace blend beautifully.

To make the kitchen island stand out more in this kitchen it's been painted in a lovely shade of gray.
 Gray and marble are spectacular together!

Gray always looks so wonderful with aged wood tones. The pop of yellow gives the room a little pizazz too. 

I really like the combination of light gray walls with the rich wood tone floors in this living room. The space feels so cozy and inviting. 

Just an absolutely knock your socks off fantastic space. All that leather and industrial and the wonderful gray walls. Yummy.

Shades of gray and cream look effortlessly elegant in this Swedish style room.

This is such an outstanding space, the file cabinet is ultra cool, as are the breathtaking floors.  I really like everything in here except the giant lampshade, which is insanely distracting!

Like some fantastic mountain top getaway, this living room is equal parts urban and rustic.

Old world elegance rendered in shades of gray and marble make this kitchen so peaceful and lovely. And see that light fixture? Soooo much better than the giant white lampshade.

The lightest shades of dove gray and aged white give this room an airy ethereal feel, like sleeping in a cloud. 

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