Sunday, July 14, 2013

Brimfield July 2013

The Brimfield flea market lasts a week, and occurs three times per year, in May, July, and September. I try and go to every one if I can help it just because I enjoy it so much. The July Brimfield is the trickiest though because it can be incredibly hot and there's very little shade. We lucked out this year though, not only was the weather cool, breezy, and pleasant, there was almost no one there! I've never seen Brimfield so deserted- both in terms of vendors and attendees. It was especially surprising considering the May Brimfeld had been the most crowded I'd ever seen it. Go figure. Either way my Mom and I had tons of fun and each found some exciting things. Here are some of the highlights of stuff I didn't buy but really admired.

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  1. I love old cupolas and would love to install one on the new "old" house that I want to build. They're so hard to find in Texas. Do you recall what the dealer was asking for them?