Sunday, August 4, 2013

Too Pretty to Paint- Dining Set

Every now and then I'll get a random email from a stranger bemoaning the fact that I painted a piece of wooden furniture. I usually just shrug them off. Everyone is welcome to their own opinions. I love painted furniture, but I understand that it's not for everyone. As soon as I laid eyes on this stunning cherry dining set, however, I knew it would be damn near criminal to paint it. The wood is absolutely outstanding, and aside from some superficial scratches and dings, the set needed very little work. I recovered the chairs in a nice cream upholstery cloth, polished the chairs, and sanded, re-stained, and sealed the table tops, just to make everything perfect. I didn't take before pictures, but I think from the after pictures you'll agree that I was right to leave the set unpainted.
The set includes the dining table, six chairs, two leaves, sideboard, and hutch top, but I'll do a separate post for the sideboard

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