Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Northeast Auctions- a highlights tour

There's nothing like a fantastic Americana Auction to really get my blood flowing. Northeast Auction has one coming up on August 2nd that includes some absolutely to die for pieces. I highly encourage you take a little time and flip through the online catalog, which you can get here. It's a veritable feast for the eyes, enough to make your knees weak. Here are some of my very favorite pieces-
An absolutely incredible flying serpent weathervane. Breathtaking and beautiful!

I love the chrome yellow color of this step back cupboard.

Such a cool sign. It would be perfect for halloween decorating.

I could do without the silly birds, but the wire urn is stunning.

A really excellent theorem with bold color and lots of movement.

A sweet folk art house portrait. It makes me want to make one of my 'homestead'

A fantastic expansionist landscape

This painted fireboard would look so lovely hanging over a sideboard.

Another fireboard, this one with applied carved elements and an old paint surface. So pretty.

The decorative painting on this c.1820-1840 chest is beyond belief!

An incredibly charming folk art tool board. Again, this would make the most excellent wall art.
Picture it over a mantel!

Goooooorgeous impressionist painting.

This over the top banner weathervane is irresistible!

I love the soft powder blue early paint on this simple blanket chest.

The coolest folkart reindeer!

A superb rooster weathervane with fine verdigris and traces of the original gilding.

I could store almost all my interior design books on this lovely 19th century shelf.

Very charming painted shorebirds, certain to be a conversation starter.

A wonderful naive mid 19th century landscape

The bold blue color and dynamic shaped apron on this table make it a stand out!

This chest of drawers is incredibly handsome with a deep hunter green paint, brass drawer pulls and a rich wood top.

The cutest little table is a fabulous mottled blue paint surface.

Loooooove this punched tin pie safe! That emerald green is great.

And finally a very early table with two drawers, a scalloped apron, and early Spanish brown paint. 

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