Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Large Botanical Charts and an Art Project

It's raining out, and I've worked on furniture at a dead sprint for a few days now so I need a little break. As if reading my mind, the UPS guy just delivered a little treat to my door- a pair of 24 x 36 stretched canvases. What am I up to you ask? Well I've got my fall decor fully planned out - themed 'the botanist' and I need several great big botanical art pieces. You can check out my pinterest inspiration board for the seasonal decor flip here. Maybe tomorrow I'll show you the full scale schematics that I draw out when planning to change my decor.
Back in the days before I spent all my free time painting furniture I used to be a bit of a painter, as in picture painter, and I'm a little nervous to jump back in, but here's to taking chances! 
So I really adore the great big antique botanical school charts that you see on etsy. They were mostly made around 1920-1960, are super bold and graphic, and cost a small fortune. I'm going to try and make my own. Here are some real ones that I'll be using as inspiration. I'll only show you the result if I deem it a success. Wish me luck!!

Love the gorgeous vines here. This one is my favorite.

classic red tulips, bold and graphic.

The crocus here are sweet and fresh

The pine cones would be a nice touch for Autumn

Probably my second favorite, pussy willow.

Another beautiful example.

This one is great and the typewriter adds just a hint of vintage charm. 

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