Thursday, July 11, 2013

Chesterfield Sofas

I've got a great batch of new furniture to be working on but the weather has not been playing along. Luckily next week is my vacation, so I should be able to get pretty far ahead and have some new projects to show you. Also, tomorrow I'm going up the Brimfield Flea market- so expect a super fun post with pictures of all the neat things we see.
Since it's pouring buckets off and on today, let's turn our attention indoors and talk about one of the most quintessentially cool and cozy pieces of furniture- the leather chesterfield sofa. I don't own one, they're always a small fortune, but boy do I admire them. Here's some of my favorites!
I really the combination of the slickness of the sofas with the aged texture of the walls. Such an interesting space.

An absolutely beautiful room- bright and airy with a little dash of warmth added by the sofas.

Let's not forget how awesome a black sofa can be in a cool industrial space.

I think the library is a natural setting for a chesterfield sofa. The best place in the world to peruse a book.

Deep burgundy and an interesting shape make this sofa a stand out.

A fabulous loft space with a sofa and two matching chairs! Also- is that a gramophone horn converted into a light fixture??

Dark and mysterious but in a beautiful way with a wicked spiffy collection of rugged antiques.

And here the chesterfield sofa looks wonderful in an elegant setting. I really like the additional art piece over the mirror on the mantel. It adds further depth and interest.

Muted decor including a chesterfield sofa really pop against the cherry red floor.

An exposed brick wall and a chesterfield sofa are natural companions. There's something very Griffyndor common room about this space. That's a Harry Potter reference by the way. 

Everything in this sitting area is lovely. I like the modern pillows, the vintage sofa, the embossed leather ottoman and the incredible coffee table. A+

My favorite room of all. I could definitely live in this space.

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