Sunday, July 28, 2013

Autumn in Landscape Paintings

Are you ready? For Fall that is. I am. Mostly because of the starbucks caramel apple spice. I only go to starbucks in the Fall, and only for the caramel apple spice, which is like an elixir of the Gods. I'm also looking forward to boots/sweaters/jeans, my default outfit three seasons of the year.
              The Pottery Barn Early Fall catalog came out two weeks ago, so I've decided I've waited long enough to talk Autumn. This morning I picked up the loveliest vintage oil painting at the flea market. It's an Autumn scene. I'm not sure where I'll hang it yet- maybe in the master bedroom. While I mull that over, I thought we could look at some other pretty Autumn landscape paintings. What decor items do you put out to welcome the change to Fall?
Happy Sunday!

First, here's my new landscape painting:

It's signed on the back!

This one captures all the color and vibrancy of fall. 

I just adore this one. It's by artist Jamie Williams Grossman. You can find her blog here. I just added it to my daily read list. She adds new work almost everyday, and her prices are outstanding. I may need to save up and buy one!

This is a wonderful impressionist landscape full of movement and beauty. 

A wonderful example with a little group of deer in a sun dappled field. 

It looks like early fall in this antique impressionist landscape. A single figure walks along a country path. Very peaceful and serene. 

And finally a folky Hudson River School antique painting of a little village in front of a lake and mountains. 

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