Sunday, June 30, 2013

My first foray with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

        I've been admiring the richly saturated colors of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint from afar for quite some time. I finally decided to see what all the buzz is about and ordered myself a batch. Now this paint is very very dear- like more valuable than Aztec gold. The quart container is between $34 and $38 depending on where you purchase it. I ordered two quarts- pure white and graphite, and two 4oz containers of antibes green and greek blue.
        I picked up a dining set on Thursday that I just love (picture below) and was chomping at the bit to try out the chalk paint on it. I fully sanded the table top- it has the most fantastic oak veneer patterned top. I went ahead and lightly sanded the chairs and table base to prep for paint. ASCP is touted as requiring no surface prep, and adhering to almost all surfaces. That was the biggest selling feature for me, but I figured it couldn't hurt to do a little light sanding, just incase.
         I wanted to use the graphite on the table base and legs. I followed instructions, tipped it upside down, stirred it aggressively. I was distressed to find that no matter what I did, the graphite (advertised as a soft black) is no where near black. It's a deep gray with hints of blue. I was admittedly a little disappointed by that, but the shade was so incredibly gorgeous that I decided to use the paint anyway. Instead of doing the dark cherry color stain on the tabletop I did an about face and went with a mix of pickled oak and english chestnut to create a soft bleached oak feel to better compliment the gray paint.
         I cut the paint a bit with water as I found it a little thick initially. The coverage is exceptional and it's incredibly easy to use. Everything took two coats, instead of the three or four I'm used to with dining sets. The color is deep and beautiful, and you can tell that the paint is never ever going anywhere. It took a little under half a quart to paint the six chairs and table base. I'll do a full reveal for the dining set tomorrow (still need to recover the seat cushions). I'm completely sold on the chalk paint. It's well worth the extra cost.

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