Sunday, May 1, 2016

A Vintage Pine Dining Set in Cream

OMG this cold. Horrible, wretched, disgusting. And what's worst of all, my lilacs are blooming. I have a huge vase of them on my nightstand and I can't smell them at all. This is a dark day in the Avery house.

      On the plus side I had a great day yesterday, and one of the pieces that went out the door was this vintage solid pine trestle table with matching benches and four chairs. I found the set about a month and a half ago at the Restore in Cromwell, currently one of my favorite furniture sources.
      I refinished the tops of the table and two benches, layering stain to get a tone to match the inspiration table the client had in mind. We found four vintage solid maple bamboo turned Windsor chairs to compliment the set and increase the seating options and I painted the chairs and the table base in a custom antique white, lightly distressed and sealed.

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