Wednesday, May 4, 2016

The Big One

So this is what it's like to live in Gotham City, I mean aside from the lack of super heroes, or super villains. This is like Gotham City's neighboring countryside hamlet that never gets included in any of the action. Which is the most roundabout way ever to say IT WON'T STOP RAINING. I can't even remember what sunlight looks like at this point. We're all going to develop scurvy, or squints if this keeps up much longer. It's May for goodness sake! Where's the perfect 72 degree sunny heaven days we've waited all winter for?!?! Miserable.

         And to make matters worse, it's not easy to photograph in this dull dreary light, but I've done my best with this one. This is officially the largest single piece of furniture I've ever refinished. It's a solid pine Ethan Allen hutch dated 1970 on the backboard. I scored it at the Cromwell ReStore for an excellent price, which is a good thing because this beast took many many hours to transform from dark and foreboding to bright and light (if I only I could do the same with the weather!).

           I sanded, stained, and sealed the chunky pine top, and cleaned the rest of the case to prep for paint. I used a custom mixed green chalk paint I've named 'Ripe Pear'. The backboard and interior is an antique white. I highlighted the handsome paneled doors with a lighter shade of green I've named 'Wales in Spring'. Finally I swapped out the drawer pulls with turned wood knobs stained to match the top. Perfect for a farmhouse kitchen or dining room!

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