Friday, May 6, 2016


Omg you guys. Less than a week. You don't know how much I look forward to my Brimfield flea market trips. It's just one day, and only three days per year, and the best one THE MAY BRIMFIELD is less than a week today. I could die of excitement, but then I'd miss Brimfield!!!!!! It's like, it's the best thing ever. There really aren't even words for how much I love Brimfield. It's a practically religious experience and May is always the best one! My bestie Jess and I are planning to go on Thursday. But Jess, being the bestie she is, took the whole backend of the week off so that we could swap the day at the last minute if the weather turns foul. Ugh. I'm so excited I can hardly bare it!!!

        And so I'm doing what I do every year before the first Brimfield, I'm going back through all my old posts from Brimfields past to get even more amped up. here's a huge bunch of photos of things that took my breath away, things I just had to have, and things I'm still kicking myself for not buying!

Love these, but if I recall correctly they were quite a bit of $$$. Still though, they're stunning!

Look at the detail work on the paneled drawers of this antique server. I like the tall narrow form too. Boy, I've got just the spot for this in my own home. Next time.

Everything about this antique sign is utterly cool, even that worn grungy, rusty surface!

I adore the palette and scale on these antique canvas backdrops. Room-makers for damn sure. 

I have no idea how I managed to walk by this and not buy it!!

This one I did buy, though, and it holds a place of honor among my other antique 'antiques' signs in my collection

There was just something so old school Rocketeer style awesome about this vintage box, and at $15 I could hardly say no!

I'm such a sucker for glass. Those three pink glasses in front are still my very favorite for sipping white wine!

Clearly I had to buy this!

This was my first purchase of the day at the May Brimfield last year. I love love love it. 

The paint surface on this vintage box is beyond breathtaking. It's like it's on fire!

There's always soooo many mantels at the flea market. This one is particularly handsome! They make great headboards!

This time when I go I'll be in the market for an antique bar like this one. 

A stunning vintage landscape painting. It was waaay out of my price range, but oh so beautiful. 

I took a risk on this rough and tumble table, but it had all these antique newspapers glued on the top from 1914, which was pretty spiffy. I refinished it and it's now my desk in my painting room. 

I loved the boldness, color, and movement of this antique oil on canvas. A really exceptional composition. 

Perfectly restrained form, Empire furniture at its best!

And how doesn't love a squashy well worn tufted leather armchair!!

The dove gray and antique ivory play so nicely on this sweet pair of vintage side chairs. 

A rustic cupboard in a yummy shade of burnt umber. 

This bit of architectural salvage is just begging to be turned into a mirror!

The handle and striping make this ironstone pitcher a standout. 

That jaunty form on this rustic cupboard!! And the paint surface!! Supremely delicious!

I love bell jars, always and forever. 

And finally a handsome set of four antique side chairs upholstered in the best shade of wine red everrrrrr. 

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