Tuesday, May 10, 2016

An Antique Oak Dresser Turned Bookshelf

This dresser was one half of a pair, but I've already refinished and sold the taller dresser that matched it. Unlike the tall dresser, which was in excellent condition, the drawers on this guy were pretty shot. I hate messing with bad drawers. It's one of my least favorite chores when refinishing. And so to save myself many hours of grief, I just yanked the drawers out and burned them. I replaced the woe begotten drawers with solid wood shelves, painted to match the case, a fresh blue-gray. I painted the interior in a bright crisp white, and refinished the spectacular oak top to show off the figuring to its best advantage. Now it's a handy piece that could work as a media console, entry table, server, or as extra storage in a kitchen or bathroom. Just picture it packed with stacks of fluffy towels!

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  1. Grandpa built the cedar chest for me as an engagement present. We finally took the hinges off to open it and replaced the lock. It turned out to be empty. Now the really good quilts are in it...