Wednesday, May 11, 2016

A Mid Century Modern Dresser in White

First of a slew of excellent pieces I purchased on a binge shopping trip to the Middletown Goodwill on Monday. I don't usually buy furniture there, just peruse, but daaaaaaamn if the prices weren't great and the stuff even better this week. And I've managed to rip straight through the entire group in just a few days.
       This is an excellent solid walnut mid century modern dresser. It's petite and I think the large bottom drawer may have originally held vertical files in some MadMen-esque office. So chic. I wanted to keep as much of the spectacular walnut as possible to I refinished both the top and the drawer fronts. I painted the rest of the case in an antique white, very very lightly distressed. Since the piece was finished on all four sides, I went ahead and finished it on all four sides as well, so it could technically 'float' in a room. The brass feet are killer and to play them up more I swapped out the awkward bail brass pulls for sleek modern pulls colored to match the feet. I'm pretty sure the bottom drawer is deep enough to hold liquor bottles upright, and wouldn't it be the coolest little mini bar!

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  1. I got my sister a great corner desk there at an excellent price. It's so hit or miss though, some of their stuff is way overpriced. But it's a clean, well-organized Goodwill and I appreciate that!