Wednesday, May 11, 2016

A Vintage Lane Cedar Chest in Blue

Funny thing about Lane cedar chests, they are prohibited on craigslist because apparently kids might accidentally shut themselves inside and get trapped. My parents had a huge cedar chest the entire time I was growing up but somehow all five of us kids managed to never die inside it. Go figure. Either way, the lock on this one has been disabled, so no kids will manage to meet their maker within its wicked fragrant cedar-y depths.
        Each Lane cedar chest I've refinished has been quite different from the last. They were often given as High school graduation gifts to young ladies, and the style was modified every year for a fresh look. It's pretty amazing to see all the crazy variations of form for a piece that serves the same simple purpose decade after decade. I wonder if somewhere there's a book or chart that shows the model of each year... Ok, I just looked and I didn't see one, but then I got curious and dug through my photo files of all the Lane cedar chests I've done. I'll do a blog post right after this one in which I try to order them chronologically.
          This cedar chest has big handsome Chippendale ogee feet and bail brass faux pulls on the paneled front. It's the perfect size for a coffee table. I refinished the top and was pleased to discover that rather than mahogany veneer, which is typical for these pieces, this chest has a solid cherry top applied above the layer of cedar that makes the interior of the lid. Fancy schmancy, this was an expensive model when it was first made! I painted the case in a robin's egg blue, recolored the bail pulls in cream, and distressed and waxed the case.

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