Thursday, May 19, 2016

An Oh So BoHo Cedar Chest

I did a post on cedar chests last week, detailing the evolution of their design from 1920 to modern day, and then I spotted this cedar chest at the flea market on Sunday and HAD TO HAVE IT. You know that feeling, when you're out hunting, fighting the good fight, and suddenly you see a piece that stops you hard in your tracks. I don't usually go in for MidMod but this cedar chest is so damn cheeky, it's irresistible. I swear, when you open the lid it's like Beach Boys starts to play from the inside. It's the hippest, chicest piece of furniture ever. I'm kind of in love with it.

       Thank god a client approached me to custom refinish it and had awesome vision for it, because I wanted this one to be super cool, and she made super cool choices. We went with yellow for the case, I custom mixed a new shade which I've named 'Boho Lemon', and gray for the top. I sanded the mahogany top which was highly figured but hidden under a yellowing ugly old surface. I layered a thick mix of minwax gray stain washed back with a layer of minwax 'weathered oak' to get the perfect driftwood gray. We kept the original drawer pulls, which are adorable and perfect for it. This cedar chest is giving off some serious good vibrations.

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