Wednesday, May 18, 2016

An Antique Dresser in Gray

I spotted this sweet antique c.1920 walnut and poplar dresser waaaaaaay in the back of the Middletown goodwill. The top was a hot mess, and the surfaces were scarred and chipped and generally horrible, just my kind of project. A client approached me to custom refinish the piece for her cottage bathroom, and I set to work on it straight away. The color of the case is Benjamin Moore's Coventry Gray, lightly distressed, and sealed with dark wax. I swapped the fussy hardware out for chic glass knobs, larger on the big drawers, smaller ones across the top. And I removed some of the damaged and missing trim on the drawer fronts, though I left the pretty swooping bit on the middle drawer.
        But the real challenge on this piece was the top. I'm not sure you can really see in the 'before' picture but the old veneer was done. It took me ages to remove all the veneer, working bit by bit on it until I lost patience and had to go work on something else for a while. But it was so worth it. Look at that beautiful poplar that was hiding underneath!!

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