Wednesday, May 4, 2016

The Darkside of Heir and Space

Happy Star Wars day! May the Fourth be with you!
      And in celebration of such a silly holiday, I thought I'd share with you some of the dark side of Heir and Space- dirty secrets, scandalous revelations, and lots of juicy truths. If you still like me at the end of this post, we can probably be friends for forever.

1. I'm almost always listening to audiobooks on my laptop while I work. I've been working my way slowly through the Outlander series, but good gravy there's SO MUCH SEX, and I need frequent breaks since it gets on my nerves. During the frequent breaks I listen to audiobooks on natural disasters and true crime. I know that's grim and makes me a weirdo. Even worse, the pieces of furniture I refinish become pretty intrinsically intertwined with whatever book I was listening to at the time. This means there's two pieces of 'Ted Bundy' furniture out there, as well as a 'Hartford Circus Fire' dresser set, and a Donner Party dining set (hehehe, oh the irony), and the list goes on. I'm currently listening to a book on the Edward Shackleton arctic expedition of 1914.
Hartford Circus Fire
Dresser I refinished during the Circus Fire book

2. I delete mean comments on my Facebook page, and ban the poster if they're especially harsh. Hey! I have feelings too, and I don't think there's any reason people who act like internet trolls should keep their Heir and Space access.

3. I usually have a pretty serious celebrity crush. Yes, I'm happily married, but that's irrelevant. Right now it's Jay Baruchel. We have a very healthy relationship in which I tweet at him constantly and he wholly ignores my existence. Actually most people ignore me on twitter. It's not my strongest social media front, to say the least.

hubba hubba

*update: Jay Baruchel says he's honored to have been included. I've hired a wedding planner...

4. Sooooooooometimes when I photograph and post a piece of furniture it's not quite finished. I've got to work with the sunlight, and the time of day, and sometimes I just feel like photographing, but I still have to mess around with the drawers a bit to get them working, or add a couple more coats of poly to the top.
I added two coats of poly and painted the insides of the drawers of this sideboard after photographing it. I figure as long as a piece is all ready by the time it goes out the door,
we're A-okay.
5. I feel like a constant failure. Any time I start to think I'm making headway with this furniture business I'll go on instagram or twitter or Facebook and see all the gals who are younger, prettier, and far far more successful. *Sigh*

6. I'm dreadful at responding to messages, emails, and texts. And usually that's because I read them when I'm in the middle of doing something else, and think 'Oh I'll just email her back as soon as I finish painting this coffee table" aaaaaand then I never do. SORRY!!!! I also have something like 50,000 unread emails in my account. I never delete them, and now it's horribly out of hand.

LOL, I'm a disaster. 
7. I take millions of selfies, and they're all pretty terrible.

So basically I'm the personification of a dumpster fire. And that's the dark side of Heir and Space.
At least now you know.

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