Friday, May 6, 2016

A Vintage Server in Amethyst

So here's a new color for us all. Don't you love it??? Isn't it fun when we go a little outside our comfort zone! To be honest, I was getting just a wee bit tired of painting everything either blue, yellow, or green. I needed a break from the regular line up, and this sweet vintage solid maple cupboard by Temple Stuart was the perfect piece to try something funky on. It's got a nice simple form, and is in excellent condition, leaving me free to concentrate on the surface and design. The color is custom mixed, a warm shade of amethyst I've named 'Geode'. The interior is gray, but with just a hint of cool purple in it. I sanded, stained, and sealed the top, which is just breathtaking.
       I started out with a different set of pulls on this piece, some antique knobs, but the scale was wrong, and when I was editing the pictures from the first photoshoot I decided it wasn't good enough and I needed to try something else. So today I went out and bought some super stunning repro Victorian pulls, and I like them about ten thousand times better on this piece.
        I've staged the server with graduated antique cream pitchers, fresh white lilacs from my garden, and a stunning vintage oil on canvas still life that I scored at the flea market the same day I bought the server. Would you believe that giant painting was only $10???!!!!

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