Thursday, May 29, 2014

Top Pick's From Garth's Eclectic Auction

It's that time again- when my favorite favorite auction house puts out a new catalog for their upcoming auction. Garth's Eclectic Auction will take place on June 6th, and you can admire all the folky goodness on their website here ! I've picked out some of my top picks from the sale and included pictures below. Go grab a cup of coffee, climb into a comfy chair, and enjoy the fun!

I love how this little cherub looks like he's about to take flight.

Garth's gets it. This typewriter table is so cool- the coolest. With a laptop- in an industrial loft apartment- omg.

I might bid on this antique tavern sign. It's amazing!

A gorgeons antique bench with a wonderful old surface.

The perfect farm table.

A classic pie safe looks perfect in any kitchen- OR put it in a guest room and store blankets in it!

I might also bid on there. Would they not be epically cool on a mantel for Autumn!

I'd use these antique library steps as a side table, and stack a single interesting object on each level.

These antique farm tables are perfect for eat in kitchens. The generous overhanging top of this one makes it great to pull chairs up to.

And now you know where I got the color inspiration for the hutch in my kitchen. This corner cupboard is stunning.

A fabulous and versatile piece, wouldn't this server look cool in an entryway with a beautiful vase of flowers on it!

Such a fun folk-art trade sign. It's double sided too.

I really really want this kitty door stop. Isn't he adorable.

The most elegant pair of over the top candle sticks.

This glazed top cupboard has a wonderful shaped base- and the dentil molding across the top is especially nice.

This- in a bathroom- sooooo pretty.

Hey guys- my 30th birthday is coming up at the end of the summer, I'm just saying ;-)

And again on my Autumn decorating kick- this outstanding antique wildlife painting. 

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  1. I will be in attendance at Garths, so if you lose out to the floor on the tavern sign.....sorry! Pat at Twitter account Antiques_Canada