Monday, May 19, 2014

Brimfield and Beyond

I went up to the giant Brimfield flea market on Thursday. The market happens three times each year, and I try my hardest never to miss it. I knew the weather on Friday was going to be horrid, so I bumped my work schedule around so I could go Thursday. The day was lovely and I had so much fun, despite the massive crowds. Here are the highlights of what I saw. In my next post I'll show you what I took home with me!
I love the color of the upholstery as well as the incredible carving on this pair of antique chairs.

A beautiful antique fireplace mantel. 

Perfect for Spring, these antique botanical prints were everywhere!

I'd like to get one of these antique plant stands at some point.

This antique flower still life stopped me in my tracks.

Such a cool collection of vintage glassware. 

This outstanding antique cupboard had already sold when I spotted it. 

And I adored this antique arrow form weathervane

A sweet 18th century Chippendale chair

I reeeealllly thought about buying this pair of vintage sheep

The most elegant french style vanity.

And an awesome shop counter

An entire booth of cow hides.

This antique gladiola painting was so pretty.

I'm a sucker for a vintage velvet chair.

A very nice wooden plant stand with green paint and carriage striping details.

A fantastic antique set of mission oak furniture.

reeeeallly wanted these lamps for my workshop, but they were a bit out of my price range.

Cool set of 19th century table legs.

Another great pair of vintage lamps. Green and gold!!

Beautiful shop counter. Would make such a great kitchen island!

A lovely antique vase.

And finally this outstanding antique farm landscape painting. 

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