Monday, May 12, 2014

New Acquisitions and Flea Market Finds

      We had spectacular weather yesterday, just flawless. Usually the good weather draws a lot of vendors to the flea market. We also tend to have a larger than normal flea market on the Sunday directly before Brimfield starts up, as all the dealers stop at the Mansfield flea market on their way up to Massachusetts. For whatever reason, this wasn't the case yesterday. I tend to think of the flea market attendance in terms of percentages, with full vendor capacity being about 250 stalls. The market was at about 40% capacity yesterday. (can you tell I spend a lot of time thinking about this flea market!)
       All the same I managed to pick up some items I'm pretty jazzed about, and my truck was nice and full on the way back to East Hampton.
Here's what I got:

A vintage wrought iron plant stand. I'm debating whether to put this beauty in my dining room or my workshop. Decisions, decisions. 

Of course I had to buy this pair of vintage tufted green velvet armchairs, which perfectly match the vintage couch already in my workshop. If I ever pass up a green velvet chair, you should probably check my pulse. 

And I scored this fantastic antique tall cupboard. I've already refinished it and will hopefully photograph it tonight. 

it would be so perfect in a kitchen, with all that glorious storage. 

A pair of vintage brass lyre form bookends for the music studio.

This bottle green blown glass pitcher was $5. Yes,  $5?!?! Crazy. It's now on my kitchen counter over flowering with fragrant purple lilac blooms. 

I actually got this great Colonial revival mantel off craigslist on Saturday evening. I've already refinished it and it's in my workshop with a gold mirror above it. 

Love the carved detail of the mantel. It probably dates to about 1900-1920. 

And on Saturday I gave a lecture on 18th and 19th century quilts, coverlets, and bed rugs. Here I am with some outstanding textiles including two whole-cloth calamanco quilts (c.1760-1790), and three bed rugs (c.1780-1810). In the foreground is a pretty mid 19th century appliqué quilt. The lecture was taped, and once it gets posted on youtube, I'll share a link.

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