Monday, May 12, 2014

Top Picks: Garth's Auction

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you know how much I adore Garth's Auction. In my humble opinion it's the very best for folk art and Americana. They've got an auction coming up May16-17th, and of course I spent a very peaceful hour or so pouring through page after page of seriously drool-worthy objects. You can view the entire auction here - and here are the things that caught my eye.

A beautiful pitcher and bowl set. Just picture this bursting with white and green hydrangea blossoms. 

I love love love this urn. The form, the surface, it's perfection.

The bold yellow background on this antique sign make it an especially appealing example.

Such a handsome little cupboard, with loads of useful storage, and I've never seen such a vibrant shade of blue. I absolutely adore it. 

A fascinating sewer tile skull would make a fabulous little addition to the mantel during the halloween season.

In the catalog these are unattributed (no artist is listed), but I would bet anything that they're by New Jersey folk artist Micah Williams, which makes them a rare and desirable pair of portraits indeed. 

Suuuuuch a sweet little green birdie. Would be adorable in my kitchen.

This antique planter has the loveliest coloring, soft and unassuming. 

And how sweet is this antique cow portrait. I think I'm adding cow portrait to my list of must-haves.

You all know I'm a sucker for the color green. The painted surface on this antique box has aged to perfection. 

Just picture these lined up along a shelf with a single red flower blossom in each. 

A terrifically folky landscape that would add charm to any wall.

Reaaaallly digging this cow portraits right now. Actually, I think this is a bull. He's a handsome fellow.

An absolutely stunning sofa. Why anyone buys new sofas is beyond me. You can't find style and form like this on the modern market. 

A pair of lemon yellow Sandwich glass oil lamps. I'd put these in front of a window where they'd just glow.

And one final cow portrait- the sweetest little calf in an autumn landscape. 

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  1. You're right. Definitely drool-worthy. I love the green box, the blue cabinet, the old sign (I share your love of them) and the cow artwork. Definitely pinning several things.