Thursday, May 1, 2014

2014 Philadelphia Antiques Show Highlights Tour

Phew! I'm back and I'm exhausted and seem to have picked up a nasty sore throat somewhere along the way. It certainly is a whirlwind experience and I must admit I genuinely prefer the piece and quiet of the countryside far far more than the hustle of the city. It was a great show and we were very pleased with how it went. Here are some of my top picks from the show floor.

This adorable chubby Art Deco kitty was the star of the show.

Gorgeous copper statue

Really nice 19th century game board

I love the painting on this 19th century corner cupboard

Lovely Hepplewhite chair, one of a pair.

Spectacular child size 18th century wingback with original upholstery featuring 18th century crewel work embroidered ornamentation. 

Close up the chair's crewel work.

The detail on this antique hanging cupboard is wonderful

Incredible banner/sign.

A cooper's trade sign/ weathervane. (Coopers are barrel makers)

This fantastic Windsor settee immediately caught my eye. Those curved bottom stretchers are a hallmark of Boston cabinet makers, Seever and Frost. I suspect this settee is their handiwork. 

Lovely bit of mixed media folk art.

goooorgeous ornate mirror

This landscape painting was one of my very favorite objects on the floor.

close up detail.

Another lovely impressionist painting. 

And this wicked cool landscape.

This plates were very interesting.

I wish I could have gotten a clearer image of this mirror, because it was breathtaking in person.

Another beautiful mirror that was in the same booth.

The carved sheep and fox were so handsome.

I couldn't decided if I thought this rabbit was cool or creepy.

Incredible silk embroidery. See the cobalt blue sequins? I've never seen that before.

Beautiful fountain.

An early 18th century gown reworked in the late 18th century, and featured in the Historic Deerfield Loan exhibit.

Also in the loan exhibit was this Erastus Salisbury Field portrait.

And surprise! Here's the pelerine, or shawl, that the young lady is wearing in the portrait. 

Giant early 19th century family portrait. My favorite part is the baby with the sword. That's some excellent parenting.

Old Hope Antiques of New Hope, PA always wins in the Weathervane category. What's your favorite?

My favorite was this stag they had on their side wall.

Another terrific weathervane on the show floor.

And an incredibly sumptuous thereom painting. 

Another of my top picks from the floor was this carved wooden peacock. 

Red painted glazed top step back cupboard with blue painted interior.

Early 19th century chest of drawers with bold decorated paint surface.

This folk art decorated table was incredible.

Close up of the table top.

Love the juxtaposition of two running horse weathervanes on this tall chest. They look like they're racing!

The floral gilt decoration on this mirror was so delicate and lovely.

A triumphant mid 19th century appliqué quilt.

And finally, this superbly decorated game board under weathered folk art sign. 

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  1. What a fun post! It's like I was at the antique show with you. My favorite piece? The little antique hanging cupboard is just superb.