Wednesday, May 14, 2014

An Antique Kitchen Island

You know how I love my kitchen islands. One of my favorite tricks is giving an antique sideboard a second life as an island. This mahogany sideboard has great lines, and lots of nice detail- just look at the fluted corner columns, french feet, and scrolled base! It's a form that's so closely related to the Federal pieces made in America around 1790-1810 that I had to double check the construction and secondary wood to ensure I wasn't about to refinish a rare 200 year old object. My research confirmed that it is indeed second period (c.1900-1925), and so just fine to re-invent. I put a tongue and groove panel and trim work on the backside so the island can be used on all four sides. I replaced the bottom four drawer pulls, but kept the top three, though re-colored, to give the piece a bit more character. The top is nice chunky pine. It comes with two matching swivel barstools, that comfortable scoot up to the overhang on the backside. I'm pretty proud of this one- what do you think?

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