Monday, May 19, 2014

The Guest House Reveal

We're finally done building our guest house music studio. When I say finally, it's not really fair, though. The building was only put up in Mid-November. And when you consider that a year ago there was nothing but grass in that spot in our lawn, I think my husband made pretty quick work of the whole thing. He did 90% of the interior, working looooong hours on top of running his music business. I'm so proud of him, and all the effort he put into it.
So now that we're done, I'm going to take you on a photo journey from start to finish:
buckle up, it's a crazy ride!

Poor Brian spent many miserable hours in the freezing rain digging this trench to get the electrical out to the building.

Here's te structure as it was going up. Thanks CareFree Small Buildings of Westchester, Connecticut!!

A real team effort. The whole group of guys were so so nice.

The building structure complete. This is where our work started.

And here's the second floor.

There are lots and lots of steps I'm skipping, but let's get on to the pretty pictures!

Completed May 2014!

Exterior front. We still plan to build a 20x20 patio in the back this summer.
 *downstairs interior*

*Upstairs Interior*

View from the front second floor windows of our yard, my workshop, and the house. 
And the next project on the docket is fixing up my new workshop!

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  1. You did a great job with the furnishings (and the building is impressive as well).