Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Decorating with Pianos and Guitars

This is a subject near and dear to my own heart. Since my husband is a music instructor (piano, guitar, and drums) and we have a steady stream of about 60 students coming through our house for lessons every week, our house is full of instruments. I would say he collects guitars with about the same zeal as I do antiques, which is to say- A LOT. Our garage has been converted into a cool old school jazz studio, on the second floor we have a handsome wood paneled room that my husband fondly refers to as the "acoustic jam room" and in just about every room there is at least one guitar- and we have two grand yea, lots of instruments. That's just fine with me. Though I'm not musical in the least, I appreciate the beauty of the instruments, and I love that my home is always filled with music. An instrument, be it a guitar, banjo, cello, upright piano, or anything else, adds warmth and character to a space. Here are some lovely rooms with pianos and guitars.
A serene space with a nautical twist and a classic upright piano.

I love the peaceful eclectic vibe of this room.

We've got a few guitars hung on the wall around the house. They make amazing and unexpected wall art.

Don't want the same old plain jane piano? Try painting it a fresh new color!

This looks a lot like our garage turned studio. Looks like an awesome place to jam.

Another beautiful piano takes center stage in this space. Such a fun, funky color.

We don't have any spaces as large as this in our house, but I would love to have a room like this for one our pianos someday.

A beautiful room with Scandinavian inspired elegance here.

This is such a cool room- though I really hope that rug is faux...

The black gloss case of this grand piano adds contrast to a room full of muted tones and neutrals.

Two acoustic guitars nestled in a corner add whimsey and warmth to a high style room here.  

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