Sunday, May 19, 2013

What I Bought in Brimfield

Aaaand here's the big reveal on what crazy things I purchased at the gigantic Brimfield flea market. After about 5 hours of dedicated shopping and then about 30 minutes of wandering around picking everything up and then hauling it back to the car (thanks for the help Marisa!!) these are the results of a full day's worth of Brimfield mania.
I bought this adorable set of three vintage quails.

I snagged this fantastic antique stool with early white paint. It probably dates to about 1900

Probably my favorite thing that I bought. This HUGE oil on canvas of Mona Lisa isn't that old, and I'm thinking it was done by an art student- see how the hands and arms aren't even finished. I love how much more color there is in this composition than in the original. The scale is magnificent. I hung it in our upstairs hallway and every time I walk by it, it makes me smile. It was only $20!!!

We took this right after I bought it.

I was so sad last week when I had to pass up the painter/furniture refinisher sign at the Wayside Antiques Show. Obviously all things happen for a reason. I saw this sign and knew it was meant to be. I think its from about 1950. It still has its homemade copper pipe hanger, and its double sided.

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