Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Wayside Inn Antiques Show

Yesterday evening my mother rather anxiously asked when I was going to post these pictures. The wait is over- here are some highlights from the Wayside Inn Antiques Show. I'd never been to the show before, though the business I work for does it every year. The show is smaller than many that we do, but I thought the selection was good- with a heavy emphasis on folk art (always a nice thing). And there was one piece that was so fantastic that it broke my heart. You know how I love antique signs. Well this was an antique trade sign for a furniture refinisher. :( I wish I could have afforded it, but it was about 10 times more than I have to spend on indulgences. Someday. That sign is pictured in part 2, because I took a lot of pictures.
I'll be going up to Brimfield on Friday with my friend Marisa- so I'll have lots of pictures to show you from that as well!
A fantastic pictorial hooked rug.  
Such a beautiful Delft plate. The decoration is so exuberant.

This painting was right around the corner from our booth. I kept sneaking over to admire it.

The colors on this yarn sewn rug are incredibly vibrant.

gorgeous landscape painting

This painting was large, and incredibly impressive in person. One of my favorite items on the show floor.

A charming folk art painting surrounded by mid 19th century silhouettes.

An especially charming early 19th century family register

You all know I'm a sucker for a fabulous weathervane.

There was a pair of these delicate gilt framed mirrors.

This window chair had the loveliest patina.

I loved loved this painting.

An entire booth of garden antiques. So much fun.

If you were ever decorating a room to look like the Gryffindor common room.

How amazing is this folk art carved owl! And there I am in the background- just noticed that lol.

The lettering on this 19th century trade sign was super cool.

Another of my favorite objects at the show. This dog portrait kicks ass.

Because who doesn't need giant carved wooden dice!

A great small size barber pole

This Inn sign was top notch.

This Ice cream sign would be so cheeky hung on the wall in a farm kitchen.

Another wonderful weathervane- this one with great patina.

The vibrant mustard yellow on this dry sink is incredibly refreshing.

I always like ship portraits, the detail on this one was very nice.

very cool globe with cast iron base.

A lovely 19th century appliqué quilt in excellent condition.

A collection of shovels, some with paint decoration.

I've decided that I really want a wire basket like this for my kitchen island.

A nicely paint decorated washstand c.1830.

The green paint on this windsor bench is awesome.

Lovely dove gray drop leaf table.

This wood turned standing candelabra was so neat

I really want one of these arched windows. This one is so delicate and finely made.

A carved wood panel.

I really adored this powder blue apothecary chest.

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