Sunday, May 19, 2013

Brimfield Flea Market Part 2

I took sooo many pictures that I needed a second post- just to keep the first one from getting too long. Here are more cool highlights from the May 2013 Brimfield Flea Market
beautiful 19th century dry sink

Posing with a giant clock face so you can see the size of it

I'm not sure what on earth one would need these for in this day and age- but they're so neat


Very pretty impressionist painting

another giant clock face

the sweetest little antique chandelier

Such a beautiful antique painted stool. It would match my other one perfectly

I'm not allowed to buy anymore gold picture frames or mirrors because I have about 1000 of each, but I admired a lot of them.

Great antique trade sign.

Another great antique sign.

This hand painted banner was so stunning in person

Very pretty antique oil landscape

Antique sign for furniture!

Very cool Chippendale style mirrors cute from aluminum.

Fantastic kitchen island.

Large antique counter, probably from a post office.

sweet little table with spool turned legs and a marble top.

Very nice 19th century corner cupboard

An entire tent full of crystal chandeliers

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