Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Black and White Stairs

It was pretty yucky out most of the weekend, so we were able to get some projects done inside. One of the most satisfying projects I undertook was re-painting our stairs. The stairs have been the same cream and peach color since we bought the house four years ago. After a full upstairs renovation, they were in desperate need of an update. We've got a bit of a black and white accent theme in the house- a nod to the 1923 vintage of the building, and I thought black and white stairs would be super sharp. I used porch and floor paint on the black treads, and white gloss trim paint on the uprights. It was a surprisingly easy project, and I think the result is awesome. Before and afters below, along with some other cool black and white staircases.

This is such a wonderful, warm entryway. I really like how the rustic aged surface of the patina plays with the fresh paint on the built in cabinetry and stairs.

This hallway and staircase is all about the light and dark contrast. It makes the space feel dramatic and airy. 

This picture proves black and white stairs can feel very modern as well.

The antique patina of the chest balances the black and white stairs perfectly here 

Red walls with black and white stairs add a casual eclectic feel to this space.

There are a lot of elements interacting in this space, but the simplicity of the black and white stairs keeps it fresh and crisp. 

This room definitely captures the elegance of a 1920s tropical hotel. The green accessories look terrific against a backdrop of black and white.

With slate blue walls, classic light fixtures, and sparse decoration, this space has a traditional nautical style. 

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