Saturday, May 11, 2013

A Bistro Set

Today was kind of a wash out, but I spent some of yesterday evening enjoying the warm (almost 80!) weather and spreading mulch in my gardens. When I garden I daydream. Yesterday I was daydreaming about putting in a raised herb garden around a new patio off the driveway. Any patio surrounded by raised beds overflowing with lavender and rosemary, butterflies and hummingbirds (like I said-daydream), really needs a sweet antique bistro set. I've been yearning for one ever since we bought the house, but have never really been able to think of the right spot for it- until yesterday. I see bistro sets from time to time at the flea market and If I find one for the right price, I'm definitely going to buy it :)
Here are some that I like.
Also- I'm posting from a hotel room in Massachusetts right now- dedication, because tomorrow I'm working for my day job at the Wayside Inn Antiques Show. If you live in the area- check out the show tomorrow. Here's all the information. I've brought my camera, so I'll take lots of nice pictures of the show. Sadly, this means I won't be able to hit up the flea market tomorrow morning. On the bright side, I'm going up to Brimfield on Friday with a good buddy, and we'll be shopping and taking pictures the whole day.
These remind me of the chairs we used to see in old ice cream parlors. I love all that twisted wire. Very delicate.

The chippy patina on the legs of this table is to die for. I also really like the plate rack on top.

Simple, sweet, and perfect, Though I think I'd be forever worrying about what the weather would do to the paint on the chairs. This seems like more of an indoor set.

The bistro set is charming and straight forward, the view is outstanding.

This set looks ultra durable, like it could withstand Connecticut's bizarre climate, and the light and dark contrast is incredibly handsome. This set is my favorite of the bunch.

What a wonderful porch. I don't think the table and chairs started life together, and that makes the set
 all the more endearing.

This is such a unique set. The chairs have a tropical feel, while the table is quite Parisian. Together they look fabulous. 

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