Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A Farmhouse Style Coffee Table Set

I love working on coffee table sets. The transformation is always so dramatic! I just got a new load of beautiful pine boards that I've been using for furniture tops, and the wood grain is out of this world. I put new rustic board tops on this set, stained and sealed them, and painted the base in a durable black enamel. It's my favorite coffee table set that I've done. These are going up on craigslist this afternoon, so shoot me an email if you'd like first dibs- kateaverydesign@yahoo.com
Before and afters below!



  1. Wow if I'd known I could make the side tables look that good I'd have kept them and redone them. This was years ago before I discovered blogs and all the great ideas out there. Those tables look so pretty now. Really snazzy. Great job gal. Happy Weekend

  2. Hey--GREAT LOOK! I did a similar thing... had a late 19th C. oak table we'd made into a coffee table. I wanted it back as a normal height table so used the legs of a newer table with Queen Anne legs from an old maple dining set. I painted the new legs and apron black and waxed the oak oval top and it looks spiffing! I LOVE the look!