Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A Rustic Schoolhouse Style Kitchen Island

Sometimes the transformations in furniture can be surprising. I think the transformation of this piece readily qualifies. I snagged the 19th century sideboard at the flea market. I liked the scrolled base and the generous overhang of the top. It's solid chestnut- and that's a plus too. I knew immediately that it would make a great kitchen island. Also, I've been itching to make a black kitchen island, as all the others that I done thus far have been white or cream. I think the result is pretty handsome. I added a barnboard top, supporting it on antique wrought iron brackets, painted the entire case in a black, with a bit of distressing and craquelure for character. It's a nice balance of rustic, but with fresh paint, beautiful wood, and very clean lines. I created a nice overhang to accommodate bar stools, and put it on casters to make it multi functional. This one is going up on craigslist today, so feel free to email me at kateaverydesign@yahoo.com if you're interested.
Here are the before and afters!



You can kind of see the craquelure in this picture- that was a lot of fun to do.


  1. Lovely bouquet! I love arrangements that look like you just flitted around the garden and grabbed the prettiest flowers. It's effortless looking but totally perfect. Not to mention another gorgeous piece of furniture!