Thursday, May 16, 2013

Brimfield Tomorrow!!

So tomorrow is one of my tri-annual (is that a word?) trips up to the big Brimfield flea market. I'm going with my good buddy, Marisa, and we're going to have loads and loads of fun. I should be fast asleep by now because it's an early wake up call, but I'm just too darn excited! I've been running through my current shopping list in my head. It's a bit foolish because once I get to Brimfield and see all the exciting and unexpected stuff, my list goes right out the window- but I thought I'd share with you what I'm hoping to score at the best flea market on the East Coast.
First- the lame practical stuff.

We're looking for an antique oak door, the very last one we need, for the doorway between our master bedroom and the bathroom. Second- I'm looking for an antique wrought iron sign bracket upon which to hang the shower curtain for our walk-in shower.

Now the fun stuff- I'm looking for:
1. creative lighting for the guest room desk area
2. Antique blue blown glass vessels
3. Antique weathervane
4. Antique trade signs
5. An interesting wall clock for the master bedroom
6. A vintage alarm clock
7. Iron stone pitchers and plates
8. Majolica green plates
9. A bistro set
10. A great oil on canvas impressionist landscape
11. A vintage teak shelf or stand for inside the walk-in shower

There's probably more, but I'm getting sleepy now. I'll be bringing my camera, and will have lots and lots of pictures for you tomorrow. :)
Here are some pictures of about what I'm looking for.
Antique pocket watch trade sign

funky antique wall clock

collection of antique green majolica leaf plates

fantastic antique oil on canvas landscape

gorgeous small antique crystal chandelier

antique copper weathervane

fantastic 19th century aqua colored blown glass vessel

antique wrought iron sign bracket (to hang shower curtain on)

Simple sweet bistro set

Antique iron stone pitchers

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