Saturday, November 9, 2013

Top Picks from Garth's Americana Auction

Every year my favorite auction house, Garth's, does an Americana auction for Thanks giving. It's one of the best of the year, chock full of fantastic folk art and antiques. I've never actually bought anything from Garth's, but it's so fun to window shop. You can view the whole auction catalog here - and I really encourage you to do so, it's wicked entertaining.
So here are the things that caught my eye ~
The vibrant blue early paint surface on this corner cupboard contrasts so nicely with the orange of the interior. 

Blanket chests have to be the single most useful piece of furniture on Earth. You can put them anywhere and they look smashing, provide extra storage, and a flat top perfect for a coffee table or at the foot of the bed. This one is in a terrific yellow further accented by smoke decoration.

I love these old display stands. I have visions of putting one in my walk-in closet and displaying antique quilts folded on it. Maybe someday.

An enchanting portrait of a woman in a blue dress c.1815. She's making lace, which is so so cool. Don't you think she looks just a bit reproachful too? I love this portrait.

I'm not sure why it's never occurred to me to frame an antique flag. This one looks so fantastic in a gilt frame. I am absolutely going to do this come Spring and hang it in my kitchen. 

This mirror is simply spectacular. Just divine. 

Another beautiful portrait, c1805. The background is so pleasing,
and I love this young ladies decidedly modern haircut. 

Being that I adore silhouettes and that my husband is a pianist, this seems the perfect thing to hang on my wall. Occupational silhouettes are all but unheard of, making this c.1845 example quite rare and special.

A really wonderful sampler with bold floral border and central house motif. It's remarkable that the colors have remained so crisp after all these years.

A whole cloth quilt in the most amazing shade of green. I want want want this. 

The graceful form of this eagle weathervane is very fine.  

Such a neat thing- an advertisement for a silhouette cutter. 

And finally, the most lovely little group of glass, an amber pitcher and two emerald green glasses. Stunning. 

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