Friday, November 22, 2013

The Studio Guest House

Sorry I've been a little slow on posts this week. It's been a long week between getting the new building up and working on furniture every evening. On the plus side, I have a whole collection of great furniture that I'll be photographing tomorrow, as well as a fabulous new dining set that I picked up last night. Stay tuned tomorrow and Sunday for lots of content heavy posts.
So- the guest house is almost done. Are you ready to see pictures? We couldn't be happier with the folks that built it. They were friendly from start to end. My husband and I have a long road ahead of us, finishing the space with insulation, floors, wiring, walls, etc, but getting the building up is the first big step! I'll add a couple pictures of the downstairs interior later today. I forgot to snap them before I came to work. Also, if you're curious how we plan to decorate the space- you can check out my pinterest board on it here
Front of the building.

Back of the building
Facing towards the front in the second story

Second floor facing towards the back

And here's a floor plan and shopping list I've drawn up!

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