Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Exposed Rafters and Studio Progress

The work on our studio/guest house is moving right along. So far the downstairs is almost completely finished aside from the doors, and I believe they'll be working on the second floor today. I've included some progress pics. Also, after touring through the downstairs last night my husband and I have decided it would look very cool in an industrial meets cottage way to leave the rafters exposed on the first floor, and paint the entire ceiling white. We'll be doing rustic pine floors similar to the ones in our kitchen that we did a few years ago (pic included), and painted bead board walls. The exposed rafters should add a little extra oomph and architectural interest. I've included a few pics similar to what we're thinking. Happy Wednesday!
Before the front wall went up, this is looking into the space from the front. The large opening on the back will be double french doors.

Taken from the back left corner

Once the front wall went up. You can see where the front door will be. I'm thinking window boxes brimming with flowers for those two front windows come spring. And maybe a beautiful vintage garden bench in front. There will also be a crushed stone path lined by boxwoods leading from our patio to the front door.

View from the front left corner. We wanted to have lots of windows so the space would feel bright
 and open on the inside.

And here's the view from our upstairs back window. You can see my soon to be workshop in the foreground.

Here's what our kitchen floors look like. We'll be doing a very similar treatment for the floors in the downstairs and upstairs in the studio.

This is almost exactly what I'm picturing as the feel for the downstairs once we finish, though our floors will be stained wood, not painted. I absolutely love how the exposed ceiling looks. Also, that kitchen island- be still my heart. 

The pale pine floors here are very much what ours will look like. I think they look great with the white painted ceiling. 

And another kitchen with the exposed joists from the room above. We'll have to be clever with the light fixtures. I'm thinking some sort of steam punk-esque track lighting.

The soaring ceilings in this loft are completed by industrial exposed rafters. Very cool.

I love the feel of this porch. The rustic farm table, chandelier, and chippy white paint of the rafters all look so perfect together.

Another beautiful room with exposed rafters here. It's amazing how elegant such a rustic touch can look. The trestle table behind the couch is beautiful also.

Another option for contrast and a slightly Tudor feel would be to stain the rafters dark, and paint the space between in white. Also, that mirror over the fireplace- LOVE!

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