Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Are You Ready for the Holidays?

It seems a shame to put up all kinds of decorations and only leave them there for one short month. Because of this, I like to get my holiday decorating started early in the season. This drives my husband crazy, but tough beans to him. I'm planning to start hanging wreaths and garlands and all the other pretty things on Saturday. Every year I do a slightly different theme. This year I'm going with metallics- silver, gold, copper etc. Here are some inspiration rooms I'll be using as a guide as I prep this weekend.
I love these cream and gold stockings. So elegant!

The contrast of the mercury glass and candles with the rustic table top is really lovely here.

I adore this entry way. This is just how I want to decorate my tree this year.

A gorgeous gold feather tree decorated with balls and leaves looks fantastic here

I really want to stock up on feather trees this year. Silver and gold!

This garland is to die for!

A stunning vignette with lots of silver, gold, and glass looks ultra chic here.

I'll be displaying some of my antique ornaments under glass cloches just like this.

I've admired this picture for several years now. I've always wanted to try the ornaments hanging from a branch.

Here's my Christmas tree from 2012.

and my 2011 Christmas tree.

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