Friday, November 29, 2013

Gold, Green, and White

I get on these little kicks where I'm fully obsessed with a certain style or look. Right now I'm really really into this French Provincial style with greens and golds set on a neutral background. This all started when I realized I really wanted a  velvet sofa. Then I realized I didn't just want any old velvet sofa, I wanted a green velvet Duncan Phyfe sofa, and an armchair to match, and really I want to make my entire house match that look. I've got a good base, I've been compulsively collecting gold mirrors for sometime now. I'm thinking I might paint my antique step back cupboard white too, just to further the look. Here are some great examples.
This is the couch of my dreams. My favorite color, and a spectacular Duncan Phyfe form. 

A breathtaking pair of chairs. I love the rustic cream fabric with the high glam gold frames.

This is exactly the look I'm going for. Decadent details in a rustic environment. Also, OMG that chandelier.

A more subtle take on the look in this dining room. The green and gold can be found in the armoire and little picture frame, with the rustic table and refined runner adding contrast.

I absolutely love everything in this room. This is what made me decide to paint my step back cupboard white. That emerald green chair in the foreground is unbelievably beautiful.

This is has a French Country meets hacienda look that I'm totally digging. What really caught my eye was the chartreuse chair in the background.

I have the inside line that I might be getting one of these spectacular French mirrors for Christmas. As you might remember it was on my list of things I want for 2014. I'm wicked excited, and already have a spot picked out for it.

This gorgeous little tufted chair would look perfect pulled up to a sweet little desk.
Here the gold and green gets a little accent from lilac- which looks sweet and fresh.

These floor to ceiling green curtains are so fabulous when paired with the crystal chandelier and herring bone floor. I'm not quite sure why they wrapped their chair like a mummy though.

And finally, the perfect chair to compliment my velvet couch- though I'd do them in matching shades of spring green velvet. I've got a couch on craigslist right now that I'm obsessing over- hopefully I'll be able to score it and recover it. It's perfect.


  1. I like the color scheme you are wanting. I have a Duncan Phyfe sofa languishing in my basement. I miss it a little, its so comfortable. It is red and in need of new upholstery though.

    1. Oh Kerry- what if you re-covered your Duncan Phyfe sofa in one of those gorgeous fabrics you design! I think I would die of jealousy!!

  2. I love the color combination of green, gold and white. I found a pair of louis chairs (upholstered in gray which I'll keep in the meantime) at HomeGoods. Something I'll have to keep in mind is that lovely emerald green velvet fabric. Gorgeous.