Tuesday, November 26, 2013

All I Want for Christmas is...Spring

Confession time: I'm exactly 0% a winter person. To say I hate winter would be an understatement. Every year it's a long slow slog through the bitter cold and darkness and yucky mucky snow ugh. The only thing that gets me through it is the certainty that Spring will follow, and Spring in Connecticut is a glorious thing. I've already started planning my Spring 2014 decor, and it will go up on New Years day. It's a nice way to get a fresh start on the year. Here are some beautiful Farmhouse Spring looks that are inspiring me this year.
Someday we're going to renovate our kitchen, and when we do,
I'd love to get a sink with free standing legs like this one.

Lemons, tulips, and a chippy white painted carrier. Spring perfection!

Muted tones highlight the textures of the cowbell, cutting board, and pussy willows here.

A gorgeous still life vignette of a white water can, hydrangea blossoms, and a stunning little antique table.

I just want to stroll into this picture, preferably with a glass of white wine and a big brimmed hat. 

An adorable farmhouse kitchen looks fresh and welcoming here. I alllllmost bought a pig shaped cutting board a couple weeks ago, and now I'm regretting not doing it. 

There are few things as indulgently pleasant as eating outdoors in fine weather. I love the way all these chairs in slightly green emerald shades compliment the rustic weathered table. I may have to steal this idea for my own yard.

An absolutely stunning space made from handmade and salvaged furnishings. I love how clean and bright it looks.

There's a little cupboard just like this one in my shop right now. Is it really bad that I hope no one buys it so I can take it home for myself?

A sweet Spring inspired table setting it oh so inviting. I adore potted mini daffodils.
They're a staple in my house every February! 

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