Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Decorating for Fall- Quirky Farmhouse Style

Phew! Yesterday was a whirlwind day. I woke up early and spent the first six hours re-decorating my house for Autumn. It's not super Autumn-y since they're not selling the pumpkins and gourds at the farmstand yet, but I'll add those as soon as they're available. I integrated in some of my more wild piece pieces of folk art (like the giant ducks in the kitchen), and rotated out all the floral stuff.
I'll add pictures of the upstairs, dining room and family room when I can get better photos. For now, enjoy the kitchen and front porch!

Ok well, just a peek at the dining room. Look at my antique pocket what trade sign and antique wrought iron corner shelf. I bought both this summer. A match made in heaven!

I love how delightfully ominous the metal owl sculpture in the corner is!


  1. Melody8/21/2013

    I absolutely love your kitchen island!

    1. Thanks Melody! By my count, that's the fourth color it's been since I built it three years ago. LOL