Thursday, August 22, 2013

Garth's Country Americana Auction- Highlights Tour

It's that time of year again- where we can drool over every single knock your socks off gorgeous lot in the Garth's Americana Auction. The crop this fall is particularly fruitful, with stunning 19th century painted furniture, folk art sculpture, architectural salvage, and everything else one could hope for. I highly encourage you to visit their website and enjoy all the lots for yourself. You can view it here.
I've picked some of my very favorite pieces to highlight. What are your favorites?
This trestle table is so delicious

I love the old paint surface on this mantle. The powder blue highlights really make it.

Stunning shade of blue on this rustic table

Simply to die for. I adore this blue farm table.

A funky antique hutch is a deep saturated shade of blue.

What a sweet little wall box. Perfect for store keys and such.

I've always loved these stands. If I had a wicked cool closet, I'd use it as a shoe stand.

Love the well worn white paint on this tavern table.

This would be the perfect kitchen island for a large country kitchen

I really love these big bread boards.

A charming antique dry sink

Really really fantastic antique sign. 

Lately I've really been admiring these antique folding screens. I might do a whole post dedicated to them.

A sweet and cheerful little chest of drawers in a sunny shade of yellow.

This storage jar reminds me of a bee skepp. 

A wonderful and large folk art landscape.

A nice antique ship portrait with an outstanding folk art painted border

Such a nice bit of architectural salvage.

A nice 19th century appliqué quilt in unexpected citrus shades.

The deep emerald green and tall narrow shape of this cupboard make it especially appealing.

Stunning antique white step back cupboard. My favorite part is the whimsical shaped apron.

Look at the wear on this blue cupboard. It really adds to the appeal.

Very cool antique carved pineapple

I'm such a sucked for these antique piano teacher signs since my husband is a piano teacher.
If we weren't saving money for our studio, I'd throw my hat in the ring for this one.

And another fantastic antique piano sign.

And finally these wonderful 19th century sconces. 

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  1. I love so many of the pieces you picked out to share, especially the old sign and the yellow dresser.