Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A Cottage Kitchen Dining Set

Perfect for an eat-in kitchen or small dining space, this sweet little dining set has all kinds of farmhouse charm in a little package. The table is 48" long, 30" wide. The whole set is solid oak. I painted the chairs and table base in a creamy antique white, then waxed. I sanded, stained and sealed the top. Forgot to take before pictures, but the after pictures are below!
Some pretty Autumn leaves that were falling while I worked on the dining set.

These chairs are so sturdy. Really nicely made.


  1. I have a set like this that needs the same treatment! What do you use for sealer on the tabletop? Thanks!

    1. Hi Joyce! I sand the top all the way down to remove the old finish. Then I apply stain, then polyurethane-many coats, until is smooth as a baby's bum.