Tuesday, August 6, 2013

New Updates and Acquisitions

       The weather's been spectacular the last couple days, and on Sunday it was just perfect for the flea market. There was a huge turnout of vendors and lots of wonderful things to see and admire. I picked up a couple cool pieces of art for my fall decor, and a really terrific antique solid maple dining table. I have the perfect set of four chairs to go with the table. I also scored four, that's right FOUR vintage leather coach bags. They're all in beautiful condition and oh so cool. I'm keeping the two brown ones for myself and giving the red and green ones to my little sisters.
      I finally decided to paint the antique bench that lives on my front porch. It was red originally, a nice early red, so painting it black was probably pretty terrible, but I hate the color red, and just couldn't resist.
fabulous little oil painting still life. Just perfect for this time of year!

I love love it sitting on my antique hutch.

Beautiful antique oil painting of a pastural scene. I'll be hanging this in my upstairs hall.

There's a little paint loss, but it's still so wonderful.

Antique sign from the 1920s or 30s. I did a bit of research and found Frank on the 1940, 1930, 1920, and 1900 census. He lived his whole life in Willimantic, CT.
He was born in 1880 and died in 1963. You can find 33 Church St, Willimantic CT on google street view. It's an old Brick three story building. It probably looks about the same today as it did the day Frank made this sign.
Antiques are so amazing. 

I've given it a place of honor in my kitchen.

Four coach bags!

The two that I'm keeping for myself. So classic, perfect for autumn. 

Lovely antique solid maple table. 

Can't wait to re-finish this top. I love working on maple.

Look at that spectacular base!

Here's my bench freshly painted. I like it a million times better now!

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  1. Love your "painter and decorator" sign. I'm so glad I subscribed to your blog! So many yummy things to look at.