Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Easy Updates for Autumn Decorating- Part One

I started writing this post and realized it would be crazy-long, so I'll be breaking it up into portions.

Seasonal re-decorating can be just a wee bit daunting at times, but if you know where to start, it can be fun and exhilarating. Little changes around the home can help to keep the place fresh and interesting from year to year, and swapping out a few objects to new pieces that capture the spirit of the season is the best and easiest way to go about it.
Everyone has a different strategy for Autumn decorating. My friend Jorene, who's the undisputed Queen of Halloween decks her house out in the most amazing array of funky vintage and antique objects. I tend to lean towards more traditional rustic elements that feel warm, earthy, and farm house-y.
Artwork has a big impact on the overall look of your space. It's easy and fun to shop for and very simple to change out. Here are a few ideas for Autumn Artwork

- If you go to your local flea market or antique store and you're almost certain to find some good deals on beautiful original Autumn artwork. Trees in fall, still life paintings of leaves, a barn with a stone wall etc etc. Here are just a few that I've scored over the years:
I think this was $8

also $8

Can't remember but around $5 I believe

I bought this about five years ago, but I think it was $12
- Another option- Etsy and Ebay are ripe with cool antique and vintage botanical prints. You can usually find some cool prints of fall leaves, mushrooms and such for under $20. Add a frame or just pin them casually to the wall.

I just stumbled across these while researching this post and bought them. They'll be so pretty pinned to the wall.

found on etsy here

found on etsy here

So pretty! found on etsy here 

- I love a print or painting of a farm animal for Autumn- cows, goats, roosters etc are so fun and chic
found on etsy here 

found on etsy here

found on etsy here

found on etsy here

I love love love this one. 

And finally, never be afraid to make your own art. Basically anything put on a stretched canvas and hung on the wall will look neat, unique, and artful. Don't hesitate to pick up a few canvases, a little acrylic paint (because it's super easy to work with) pour yourself a glass of wine and have an art night.
Also, if you find a cool antique picture frame, you can add a wooded backboard, painted with chalkboard paint, to create a one of a kind chalkboard.
I'll be doing something similar to this one for my wall art project

This one is little and sweet

All the color and movement of fall. So pretty.

Why not go for impact with a giant chalkboard!

Pretty and inspiring. So perfect for Autumn.

Just a pretty frame and some chalkboard paint. That's all it takes!

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