Friday, July 6, 2012

Vintage Educational Charts and Animal prints

I'm well into my planning process for the fall decor in the house. Fall's always the hardest season for me. I'm inherently a green and white kind of girl, but in the fall I do really crave a change, and some different colors, but I never seem to pull off the new look as well as the other seasons. That's gonna change this year. I've got a really great battle plan in place that I think will be AWESOME. I want this fall decor to be so good that I won't want to put up Christmas stuff.
I'm going to be giving you little sneak peaks into the planning process as it evolves. The theme is going to be vintage school house chic meets cabinet of curiosities. That's a mouth full, but it's a pretty cohesive look. The primary elements:
1. Rich saturated hues of Orange, Green, and Black (on the background of my dark wood floors, cream walls, and leather furniture, dark wood and white painted furniture)
2. No literal halloweeny stuff except real gourds and pumpkins (because I can't resist)
3. School house elements- vintage school house chairs, chalkboards, lamps, posters and charts for art
4. Industrial elements, to keep it grounded and not too cutesy.
5. Antique signs....just because I love them.
I have a set of four amazingly weird and beautiful vintage insect prints that were taken from an early 20th century instructional book. They were $3 ea at the flea market two years ago, and have never found their way up onto the wall. They're a bit creepy, the artist portrayed the insects very realistically. I'm basing the whole color scheme on these prints. I'd show you pics but I can't find my camera at the moment :( Here are some other fantastic insect and animal prints, and some great educational charts- What's your plan for decorating your house for autumn???
Enjoy ~
A great eclectic grouping, and everyone needs a mustache identification chart, obviously.

Undeniably charming whale chart adds pizzaz to this restrained space. 

I'd frame this in a large white mat, and simple black frame and then put it over an industrial metal rolling cart.

The halloween is a little heavy handed here, but I love the bat prints on clipboards.

SOOOO gorgeous. I adore that chart in the front- and they look so casual and unexpected stacked against the wall.

Beautiful pair of antique plant charts. I never see these at flea markets and they cost about $1000000 online. *le sigh*

This insect print is so subtle and handsome. 

Reptiles get elevated as a high art form here

Creepy crawlies in the bathroom- generally a horrifying prospect- but here, oh so chic.

These vintage marine life  prints suit the warm autumnal palette perfectly.

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