Friday, July 20, 2012

Jackson, New Hampshire

Sorry for the delay in posts. My husband surprised me with a mini vacation to Jackson, New Hampshire. Let me tell you that Jackson is one of the prettiest spots in the world. We stayed at the Whitney Inn, and it was just spectacular. Every single room had a unique and stunning antique dresser that I coveted soooo much. The one in our room would have made the BEST kitchen island lol. I'm back in Connecticut now, and working on a big project, as well as a couple others. I'm almost cleaned out of furniture. It's selling as fast as I can make it (egad!), but tomorrow is a Saturday- so I'll hit the tag sales, and the flea market on Sunday, and hopefully have some new an exciting stuff to show you on Sunday afternoon.
The main portion of the Inn is an 18th century farmhouse.

It's right by Black Mountain and the views are unbelievable. From our room we could see the mountains and a beautiful horse pasture.

Attached to the Inn is a restaurant and pub.

Even the mini golf courses in Jackson are beautiful!!

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