Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Brimfield Report

Went up to Brimfield on Friday. The weather was perfect, if just a wee bit too hot. The prices were quite high, but there were so many amazing things to admire, that it was just a perfect day. I manage to snag a few pieces, though I certainly didn't check off everything on my list.
I'll show you the pictures of my purchases later this evening. I took a lot of pictures of items that caught my eye, and if I were a millionaire, I would have snatched them up. I always enjoy Brimfield, but for purchasing, I prefer my local flea market :)
I loved this antique clock. I've been looking for a big antique clock for a while.

I'm a sucker for this antique racks.

Amazing garden antique sheep sculpture. It was life sized and utterly charming

Fabulous pair of antique owl lithographs. 

a great set of antique caned captain's chairs.

Amazing vintage school poster of cows (bulls?)

This stunning antique industrial table from a mill in Pennsylvania

I looked at literally every tray at the market, trying to find the perfect one to put on my coffee table. I gave these very serious consideration before deciding they might really scratch up the table. Great though, very cool and industrial.

Adorable cupboard made of salvaged boards.

This reminded me so much of the deconstructed rustic dresser I got at the flea market a month ago. Mine, however, was $20. This one was $195.

Beautiful antique shutters turned into a standing screen. This is a great idea and as soon as I find a set of shutters I like, I'm totally going to make my own.

This dragonfly was perched so perfectly on this antique armillary

And finally a really sweet set of three vintage schoolhouse style chairs. 

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