Thursday, July 5, 2012

Peaceful Bedrooms

If you're like me, you had a little too much fun and sun yesterday, and are thinking longingly of sleep. I was actually good yesterday, didn't drink too much, but an earth shattering migraine at 3am ensured that I would feel crumby today regardless.  I can't wait to curl up tonight with a good book and go to bed early. There is something so wonderful about a peaceful bedroom. I like simplicity in my bedrooms, but I do appreciate on occasion a room with a bit for daring  as well. Here are some beautiful bedrooms to admire. Our upstairs project is dragging, but will be completed someday- after looking at this first picture, I'm pretty certain my master bedroom is going to have a celery green bed. Love that color!
I love this bedroom. The creamy antique bed linens, that gorgeous celery paint color on the bed, the natural wood of the antique dresser, used as nightstand. 

Rustic perfection. This looks so inviting in a tree-fort sort of way. I love the bed. 

Eclectic yet refined. I adore the hooked rug hung as art in the corner and the stack of vintage leather suitcases. 
The upholstered antique couch at the foot of the bed is a scene stealer, but I also like how the little hints of black unify the space to perfectly. Nightstand, picture frames, exposed beams, radiator, the feet of the couch. It's everywhere, but isn't at all overpowering. 

I am SUCH a sucker for exposed stone or brick in any space. It basically makes my knees week. Exposed beams and stone? I'm almost overwhelmed. So beautiful.

The deep emerald green marble topped table is what caught my eye initially but I also adore the soft color of the wood floors peeking out by the bed. The whole space just looks so sunny and welcoming. 

Classic beauty. I love that soft shade of blue on the walls and the iron bed is so awesome.  It reminds me of an old wrought iron gate. 

Soft hues of green and white make this bedroom peaceful and serene while the various antiques add interest and depth. very pretty. 

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